Sissy Training Sessions With Mistress Hunter

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Sissy baby, sissy maid, sissy bimbo, salon sissy, sissy slut- there are more types of sissies than there are stars in the sky. Whatever your sissy style and wherever you fall in the sissification process, you'll benefit from a dominant mistress taking charge of your sissy training.

Here at Sissy Day Camp, the process of being feminzed is tailored specifically to each individual, and can include things like: salon trips, shopping trips, chastity training, slave training, strapon training, humiliation and more. Just as no two sissies are the same, no two sissy day camp sessions are the same.

If you are just discovering your sissy side and need someone to talk with about it, I'm here for you.

Prior to your call, you can email me at with any questions you may have or if you would like to share a bit about yourself.

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